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Watch(Tweet) Masters Live on Twitter!

As you know, today (and this weekend) I will be blogging less due to the fact that it’s Masters weekend.  If you are a super-duper golf fanatic like me, you should join me on my @ProGolferDigest Twitter for live commenting, retweeting, and more.

Yup, it pays to earn a living blogging so I can concentrate on golf this week!

Oh yeah, you can watch Master Live too here.

My favorites this week: Greg Norman, Tiger Woods, Fred Coupl

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Schwetty(Sweaty) Balls make a great Gift for your Golfoholic Friend!

If you have a friend who likes to joke about sweaty balls and his golf game, you might want to give him one of these really cool “Schwetty” balls for his next birthday. (If Greg Norman doesn’t win, I am selling this blog for sure…)

Hilarious Schwetty™ Balls make a great gag gift for the guy on your list with a sense of ballsy humor…retirees, bachelor parties, birthdays and more! Regulation golf balls comes imprinted with an L or R (for Left and Right) so you dont grab someone elses ball by mistake!

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Let your frustration out with the Breakable Golf Club!

A lot golfers who can control their anger usually do so by breaking their golf club over their knees.  Now, here’s a Breakable Golf Club you can break without actually damaging your real clubs. (Why am I excited that Greg Norman is going to win tomorrow?)

The Breakable Golf Club comes with five breakable inserts that screw between the handle and the head. Each insert has a predetermined “Fracture Zone” that’s guaranteed to break cleanly up the middle.

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Camouflage Golf Balls Makes Golf Easier!

If you though golf was easier, you can make it even easier for you to find your ball with Camouflage Golf Balls.  Challenge yourself to the next level by using these hard-to-find golf balls. Damn it, I really hope Greg Norman wins tomorrow to change golf history for good.

As if golf is not frustrating enough, just try and find one these balls on the fairway, or even harder is finding one in the rough! The next time you’re on the course, pass your golf buddy one of these balls, and check out his expression.

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Golf Cart Clock!

Well, today I spent most of the day watching golf, here’s a golf cart clock to celebrate Greg Norman’s 2 shot lead.

This unique 1:18 scale golf cart is the perfect gift for a real golf enthusiast and the perfect conversation piece. Every minute that ticks by through the day reminds him that if he works a little faster he could be on the course instead of in the office wasting all of this perfectly good daylight. Authentic looking in every detail, down to the golf bags hoo

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Golf Ball Spotter Sunglasses and Greg Norman Leading the Open!

Well, the big news today is that Greg Norman, former #1 player in the world, is leading the British Open by 2 shots after 3 rounds. (Yey, go Greg!)

Now, if you get to play golf in such 40mph wind and tall grass such as the Open, you might want to consider getting these Golf Ball Spotter Sunglasses which effectively block out grass f

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