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Top 10 Eco-Friendly and Green Gadgets of 2011! #EarthDay

Well, today is that day folks, it’s called Earth Day and you know what?

It’s time for the most eco-friendly and green gadgets of 2011!

Solar LED Desk Lamp – I work right by a big window that gets a lot of sunlight.  This Solar LED Desk Lamp will definitely cut your desktop electric bill to near zero because it can be fully-recharged and provides 5 hours of light.

Best of all, it comes with a 12-feet outdoor-rat

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This Week’s Best Eco Green Posts! [EcoMax]

For those of you living like a scumbag and never recycle, here’s some of the best eco green posts to help you get out of it:

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YoGen Green Gadget Chargers at CES 2010!

Yogen green gadget chargers will be over at CES 2010, I will make sure to take a video of product demos when I am there!

I will try to get some samples so I can give them out as prizes. (or keep them myself hahaha!)

By the way, this will be my very first CES attendance, I think it will be a lot of fun.  Don’t get jealous, you can still book a ticket to Vegas!

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Eco Friendly and Green Laptop Bags!

Cool eco-friendly and green laptops bags!

For those of you looking for eco-friendly/green alternatives to laptop sleeves, you might be interested in these eco laptop sleeves from Badget Bag.  Of course, don’t forget, you can probably make one yourself too with duct tape or

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DIY HACK – Voltmeter Ammeter LCD

Check out voltmeter and ammeter LCD panel you can make using an Atmel8 MCU. Tight!

This multimeter was designed to measure output voltage and current in a PSU, where the current sense shunt resistor is connected in series with load at the negative voltage rail. It needs only one supply voltage that can be acquired from main PSU. An additional function of the multimeter is that it can control (s

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Green LG Chocolate

Cool, the new LG Chocolate phone coming in green and red soon!

via crunchgear

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