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I can’t believe it’s been 3 freakin’ years since the first time I reviewed green lasers that I got for free as a sample from DragonLasers. Anyways, thanks to Frank at DragonLasers, I had some really good fun for the 12 months or so promoting DragonLasers, wish I had one again now since I could probably do some 1080P HD videos.

Well, just sayin’, it helps to go back in time, to

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DIY – How to Hack a USB Laser Air Purifier!


Check out this cool DIY on how to make your own USB Laser air purifier.  I guess lasers can clean the air  pretty good huh?

I’d like to see this DIY with green lasers though, maybe that will be even more powerful.

Laser can refresh your air by kill the bad bacteria and fungus in the air.You can make a cool lamp too. All with the usb power.


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Zedomax DIY – How to Make a Simple Green Laser Projector!


Since I have been playing with green lasers for about a year, I never saw any good use for them except to point them to the sky or buildings.

Since the green laser has a lot of power, especially the one DragonLasers sent me recently, I decided it was time to make a simple green laser projector without me spe

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Super Gigantic Green Lasers Review 300mW to 600mW Green Lasers!


Hi all,

This is a special review of giant green lasers on the market today.

Since I was getting tired of my little measly 125mW green laser from DragonLasers, I was going to go on shopping for a super-giagantic laser that will fulfill my dreams. (So I can burn stuff from miles away from my 12th floor apartment without getting caught…)

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Crossfire EX 600mW

Wow, I was impressed with this

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