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DIY – How to Write Letters and Shapes Using a Laser!

Drawing with lasers is really fun especially if you set your digital camera in stealth, long exposure mode.

How to use a laser pointer to draw, to write and to record it? I think it is a very interesting thing. With the help of a camera with the function which could set longer exposure time,you could easily record what you draw and write with the laser pointers.The laser pointers include 405 nm blu-ray laser pointer, 532 nm green laser pointer, 473 nm blue laser pointer, 593.5 nm orange laser pointer.

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Cool HIGH power Green Laser Pointers!

Check out these really cool high power green laser pointers. Although the cost of each is like couple bills, they can do wonders for your next light saber project. Thanks Smitty for the info! Will dragonlasers send us a sample so we can build a light saber? :] Smitty says, ” Been checking out laser pointer websites so i can buy my first pointer and found www.dragonlasers.com They look the same as wicked’s but the prices are MUCH lower. All i need now is my dads credit card lol

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