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VHS Hack – How to Make a VHS USB Flash Drive!

I am sure many of you are wondering why in the world you would make a VHS USB flash drive.  That’s exactly the point.

By making one of these VHS USB flash drives, you can easily and inconspicuously hide all your important  data as part of your old VHS collection that might be gathering dust anyways.

Alan from HackedGadgets has done it again, he’s made this cool retro-gadget and wants to share with you, every little detail and things you’d need to know to make one yourself, enjoy.  Great stuff Alan, keep ’em comin’ are u twittering yet?

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DIY Wireless Solar Powered Google Calendar!

It seems that non other than a Google employee devised a new wiress solar-powered Google Calendar device that will save power and utilizes a “no power” LCD, meaning the LCD will only need power to update itself.

I think this type of device could truly cut down on the core duties at a corporation such as posting meetings.  By utilizing Google Calendar API, this little gadget can replace your paper alternatives.

Great stuff, keep

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Lamp DIY – How to Make a Wine Bottle LED Lamp!

Here’s a really cool DIY showing you how to make a wine bottle LED lamp!  The cool thing here is the idea, that you can recycle your own empty wine bottles with some LEDs and power to illuminate your livingroom.

Great stuff.

A simple lamp using an old win bottle and a string of Christmas lights. A great gift idea.

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G1 Hack – How to Get Remote Root Access to G1 Phone!

Well, someone figured out how to access the G1 phone via a telnet access.  This is great stuff, I bet you can stuff a small web server on a G1 phone pretty easy.  (Hmmm…I wonder if you can do SSH2 too…)

1. Turn on WiFi in the G1 (Settings > Wireless Controls > Wi-Fi). Make sure you’re connected to a network. 2. Start up PTerminal (search in the Market) and you’ll get a prompt once its launched. 3. Enter cd system and hit Enter. 4. Enter cd bin and hit

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Philips shows off their Ambient Lighting and Ambilight TV products!

For one, I know Philips was working on color-changing LEDs and lightbulbs that are easy to install while providing high power.

On top of that, they introduced Ambilight TVs where the background lights would match with what you see on TV.

Lastly but not least, I did hear of

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Old School Telephone Kitchen Timer!

Want to make your kitchen look old-school?  Then get the telephone kitchen timer, which looks just like an old school telephone.

The company claims:

Burnt roasts and cakes will be a thing of the past!

Great stuff guys, that’s top notch emerging technology we need.

via coolest-gadgets

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Wii Guitar Hero Hack!


Great stuff man…

Why spend all the energy to hack into a Wii guitar to play a song that’s relatively easy to play on a real guitar? You might as well ask, ‘Why go to the moon when going to the mall is so simple?’

via lostateminor

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Napa’s Winery Implements a Solar Farm!

Remember the post on the world’s largest college solar farm of 16 acres?  Well, a winery in Napa has implements a similar deal to power their own winery.

This is great stuff and Wineries are perfect for solar panels as the grapes are in a very “sunny” environment.

Called a “floatovoltaic” solar array, it is a collection of almost 1,000 solar panels hitched to pontoons that float in the viney

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Emergency USB Powerator powered by AA batteries!

This little USB Power capsule can power any of your USB gadgets using one standard AA battery.

Great stuff!

The unit is just larger than a double A battery and will provide your device with an extra 15 minutes of performance.  Just enough time to call the bails-bondsman after getting the late night lock down because of too much party’in.

via getusb.info

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DIY – How to Turn your Hotel LAN into a Wireless Network!


John Chow shows you how to turn a hotel LAN into a wireless network so you don’t have to pay per laptop. (PLUS VOIP thingee too…)

Great stuff John!

I want to show you two items that have a proven to be indispensable when it comes time to hit the road. One device turns the hotel’s Internet into a wireless hotspot. It’s perfect for hotels that charge for wireless Internet by the laptop. Pay one fee, get everyone connected. The other device turns the hotel’s phone into a VoIP phone. It allows me to take my numbe

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