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Dealmax – More Great Deals on Gadgets!

Here’s a couple more great deals on gadgets this week:

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DealMax – Gadget Deals for TODAY ONLY!

I swear to God, Buy.com always has some great deals on gadgets, here’s a couple you might be interested in.  Remember this is good only for today and these deals never come back so take advantage.

First up is this Toshiba  1080P Up-converting DVD player for $39.99.  (REFURBISHED)  It’s refurbished but still, I would get this as I paid like $50 for a 1080P DVD player at Target couple months back and it SUCKS.

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DealMax – Netbooks Blowout SALE!


Well, here’s a bunch of great deals on netbooks. If you always wanted a netbook, now you can get one, less than a price of an iPhone!

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Black Friday Jewelry/Ring Coupons for Bidz!

One of the best jewelry deals is Bidz.com.  I have personally, recently bought a 3-carat diamond ring for a friend at just $300.  I received it yesterday and it was as good as it said, worth about $4000.

Anyways, if you are looking for good deals, try Bidz.com, they might not have the ring or necklace you are looking for but then again, if they do, you will get a good deal.

Here’s an excerpt that I wrote yesterday on the

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