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BUG – Tiny DIY/Open-Srouce Linux-Platform Microcomputer with Java Programming!

In my life time, I have seen many little linux-microcomputers that will allow you to do more hacking with less space.

Sorta like the ultra-tiny SheevaPlug, this BUG is an open-source linux-based microcomputer that already comes with accelerometer, camera, and even a GPS module so you can build the next generation gadget-device with it.

I happen to like it a lot, maybe I will get one soon to start hacking it.

BUG is a baby monitor. B

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DIY Tool – Epson unveils smallest GPS chip ever

Here’s the smallest GPS chip ever! Great news for us hackers and DIYers!

PhysOrg.com says “thanks to clever use of space-saving technology the S4E19863 series is the world’s smallest GPS module (7 mm x 6 mm x 1.28 mm), making it ideal for applications with limited component space, such as mobile phones. ”

Epson’s new GPS is already being massed produced and is already integrated into NTT DoCoMo’s F

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GSM / GPS modules & Arduino boards @ Spark Fun

I’ve checked out some GPS modules before but this one from sparkfun seems to be the one to use,

it’s small, easy-to-use, well, i am going to find out soon by ordering one…

It’s got a serial interface and its own RTOS and you can customize the ARM7TDMI if you want to and you are that advanced…

and try to see if i can make a gps enabled car graphic screen in 1 minute!

hehe… 🙂

Make has a nice article on it here:

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