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Top 5 Palm Pre Hacks To Do on Your Palm Pre!

I admit it, I’ve been a Palm Pre  whore ever since I got the Pre couple weeks ago.  For me, having Sprint’s EDVO fast connection and a linux-based smartphone is like heaven.  Trust me, it’s faster, better, and more reliable than proprietary iPhone.  Yes, I support the open source community Linux.

So, if you ever get a Palm Pre, what’s the Top 5 Palm Pre hacks you need to do to your Pre?

Hack your Palm Pre to act as a WiFi Router. – This is what I

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DIY Russian Vacuum Fluorescent Tube (VFD) Clock Kit!

Lady Ada has done it again!  I still remember when I first met her at the Maker Faire couple years back, very nice lady indeed who keeps stirring up really cool DIY kits.

Here’s her latest Russian VFD alarm clock kit, it features vaccuum flourescent tube and open-source platform so you can hack it all you want.

Why limit yourself to a clock?  Hack it and make it tweet your GPS location via your Palm Pre.  hahaha.  Happy hacking.

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Palm Pre Hack – How to “Tweet” Your Palm Pre’s GPS Location to Twitter!

Well, I digged a bit further with my Palm Pre GoogleMaps GPS tracking app and made a new app that will track your Palm Pre’s GPS location via Twitter.

This is a better way to keeping a record of where you have been traveling in the past with your Palm Pre.

Here’s a screenshot of my latest update @trackmypalmpre

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DIY iPhone HACK – How to make an iPhone LoJack and chart your location using Google Maps!

Here’s a great hack on how to make an iPhone LoJack and also be able to chart your location using GoogleMaps.

Basically the hack connects a Twitter account so your iPhone “twitts” your iPhone’s location at set intervals.  The “twitts” are basically GoogleMaps URLs that locates the GPS location of the iPhone.

How cool it that?  Pretty awesome I’d say.

If you’re traveling across the country, change your start interval to 15 minutes or a half hour and

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