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DIY Secret GPS Box Opens at Target GPS Location!

Here’s a really cool device, a DIY secret GPS box that opens only when the subject holding the device is at the target GPS location. ┬áThis might be a great way to keep secrets.

Like any other GeoCache it is a box that is linked to a certain coordinate on earth. The challenge is to find this coordinate, in order to access the contents of the box.

via hackedgadgets, [Project Page]

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DIY HACK – Howto Hack a Compact GPS!

Here’s a cool GPS serial hack using a Compact GPS from older PDAs.

Below is a description of how to modify the compactGPS to work with a standard serial port. This mod will allow you to use the device using your PDA serial port, a PC serial port, and a PDA/GPS car kit.

This device is a compact flash adapter for GPS If you are a walker or hiker, you should look at this device. It is very accurate, and has a very low data acquisition time. This worked fantastical

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