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GPOD – the real GPOD

Update from earlier gpod article. We have been getting a lot of good traffic due to the gpod by the way, thanks gpod!

Well, I guess Apple still won’t be happy… Well, we just got a reply from one of the developers of Gpod and he wants me to try one. Hmmm… the

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Apple Not Happy With Japanese Sex Aid gPod

Wow, here’s a cool little vibrating sound gadget, well i guess you can call it a sex aid, but it can also probably be considered a massaging vibrator. Well, I can never tell the difference, I think people use either devices for both purposes. But I think it’s wrong for Apple to be acting out just because it had Pod in it. gPod…hmmm…maybe I can make a zPod…dPod…well…only if i had enough time…

The makers of a sound-activat

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