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Robotic Dog Fetches the Ball!


Remember the Automatic Ball Throwing Machine for your dog?  Well, get one of these Robotic Dogs and you will have a complete dog throwing/fetching automation.  Why not?

This robot uses an Acroname CMUcam2+ for its eye and an Acroname BrainStem GP 2.0 microcontroller for its brain. It chases down a bright pink ball (which I made with a styrofoam ball and neon pink acrylic paint), grabs it with its dual-servo pincher, and brinks it back to its home base by homing in on another bright pink target (conveniently mounted over the iSight

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USB Snorkel!

It’s amazing the types of USB devices companies are making nowdays… I headed over to one of my blogger friend, GetUSB.info and found this really cool snorkel that has a 5 megapixel camera embedded in it! The reason why it’s USB is its connectivity which is WAY too cool…

Technology convergence can be fun, useful and sometimes awkward and with the underwater scuba mask sporting

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Google SketchUp for Dummies book!

OOhh.. check out this Google SketchUp for Dummies book. It might be the perfect free 3D tool you were looking for last month.

Remember when your high school English teacher explained that every word in the sentences you write needs to carry some meaning? While the rest of us missed that point, Aidan Cho

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Swiss Army Knife with 512MB Memory for $39.99!

Ohhh…check out this sweet SwissMemory, It’s a Swiss Army Knife with 512MB of memory at only $39.99!

I’d get one if I didn’t have both already…


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TrackStick is a GPS with belt clip that works with Google Earth

Check out this cool Trackstick, a GPS with belt clip that you can track stuff on Google Earth! Will they send us one so we can try it out? (Thanks Andreana for the link!)

The Trackstick IITM is the perfect fit for personal GPS tracking. Bring it on vacation to keep a satellite scrapbook of all your travels and record your explorations. You can carry it along on all your regular outings from home to get a better sense o

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