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GoogleMaps Hack – DIY Exercise Bike uses GoogleMaps as Virtual Map!


Here’s a rather cool hack where the hacker uses his bike as a GoogleMaps Virtual Map.  Using Vuzix iWear as display device while he’s cycling (around the world) on GoogleMaps, this simple hack shows how far GoogleMaps Street View can be applied for adding a little fun to your next workouts.

It’s still in th

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Smartphone DIY – How to Make your Own Virtual Reality Google Streetview Device!


Want to experience the streets of San Francisco downtown or maybe even New York and Paris?

Look no further than your own smartphone such as an iPhone, HTC Magic, or even a Palm Pre.  You can get some cardboard boxes and make this simple virtual reality Google streetview device and experience the world!

LMAO, I can see a bunch of people doing this already, I might try this later today and post a video perhaps.

Using an HTC Magic and Google Street View we’ve made a simple pair of virtual reality goggles tha

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