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DIY Proxy HACK – How to Proxy Firefox through SSH!

I know there are many ways to build a proxy on your web server. In college, they make you make a proxy server from scratch. Well, anyways, I site hopped onto one of these cool little howtos on how to proxy firefox through your SSH:

PuTTY on local machine Remote host running OpenSSH sh -D 7070 username@host.com

1. Create a new PuTTY session

Run P

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FixYa.com – For DIYers and ethically honest at heart HACKers!

Check out FixYa, it’s a sorta like a RSS Feed search Engine.

(Spy Stats: FixYa.com has PR6 and has 1680 backlinks on Google. Pretty good stuff.)

Meaning it will pull up hundreds of relevant articles for the topic, “how to fix something”.

Interesting if this is sign of Web3.0. = RSS + Wiki + Blog + Optimized Server Code for Search.

Maybe someone will quickly think of hooking up a WordPress blog with the MediaWik…

Anyways, FixYa just looked great to me from the get-go. I think it’s the hom

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Do you have computer addiction?

Do you have computer addiction? I know I do. It takes me hours just to get off the PC not to mention how many times people yell at me to get off during that time…

Check out the 12 signs you have a computer addiction over at random-good-stuff. There’s also a website dedicated to computer addiction services… You can also get some help from

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