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Camera DIY – How to Make a Tripod with a Bottle Cap!

My good friend Alan from HackedGadgets posted a blog post about this new Bottle Cap Camera Tripod you can buy the other day.  Well, he decides to save himself $10 by making it himself, a great idea.

“Master parts list:

    1 1/4-inch Stainless steel washer 1 1/4-20×1 1/2-inch stainless steel pan head machine screw 1 1/4-20 Bar Knob 1 1/4-20 stainless steel lock

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Home DIY – How to Find the Home of Your Dreams!

Well, today, let me give you some advice on how to find the home of your dreams:

1. Get your personal finances right.  If your credit is bad, fix it.  If it’s not, get pre-approved for a home purchase, you will have much easier time dealing with your broker.

2. Go seek and find your dream house persistently on a daily basis.  Heck, I even have a blog about ones I find so I can come back to it.


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Election Hack – How to Make an Electo-Meter!

Of course, someone had to come up with this cool election hack on election day, an Electo-meter that tells you which senator becomes the next President of United States.  Make sure to embed your Google Election map today. 🙂

Well, my good friend John Erickson tossed together an awesome script for the election returns tonight. The orb starts off dark, and the script periodic

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Office Hack – How to Deal with Racist Jokes!

Well, here’s one way you can deal with racist jokes at work:

My recommendation? Play dumb. Put on a bewildered expression, act as if you don’t understand the joke, and ask your co-worker to explain it to you. He will not be able to explain why the joke is funny without evoking a racist stereotype. You can then question the veracity of this stereotype, thus pointing out the racism of the joke, without being confrontational and without humiliating your co-worker. Rac

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