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Voltaic Generator Solar-Powered Laptop Bag Review!

The company called Voltaic Systems, have been making these awesome solar backpacks and laptop bags as of recently.  One of the latest products is the Voltaic Generator series, which features large solar cells on the side of the bag.  Not only does this laptop bag recharge your gadgets such as an iPhone, it also recharges your laptop, so long as you don’t own high-amp laptops, most likely from Fujitsu, Sony, or Toshiba.  But if you own Apple, Dell, HP, IBM, or Lenovo, there’s a

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T-Mobile G1 looking great…


Here’s another video of the T-Mobile G1 with demos of various features including Google Talk.

I already have Google Talk on my Blackberry but this one looks cooler.

I think there’s a very good chance T-Mobile G1 will be taking over some of that iPhone sales. (Sorry Steve Jobs but G1 phone looks like an iPhone Killer to me…)

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