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Damier Geante Golf Bag by Louis Vuitton!

At a lofty $8,400, this Damier Geante Golf Bag by Louis Vuitton maybe the worst golfing investment you will ever make as golf bag design was never a factor in looking good for golf.

Rather, you need a sturdy bag that will live up to rainfall and daily grind.

I know Louis Vuitton makes great handbags but golf bags?  Come on guys, you need to do better than this.

This golf bag might be able to fit just half of my clubs but probably too small by tour standards anyways.

Form and function must come together for a good golf bag and

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Stewart F1 Electric Pull-Cart for your next Golfing Decade!

I am probably not old enough to qualify to use an electric pull-cart and too stubborn to stop carrying my golf bag but if you are old enough and you do not like carrying your clubs, here’s the Stewart F1 Electric Pull-cart that will get you around 36 holes of golf in high-flying style.

When folded, the F1 Lithium occupies just one third of the floor space of the X3R and 40% less overall volume. In trademark Stewart Golf style; elegance and practicality have been combined wi

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UroClub let’s you pee discreetly while Golfing!

Here’s a device that lets you pee while golfing without resorting to trees. I’d say this thing is a waste of your money but very funny device.

Every aspect of this piece of equipment has been meticulously worked out to make it simple and trouble free to use. To start with, the UroClub™ is designed from a light weight resin with a molded grip. The cap opens and closes easily and is designed with a triple sealing system to ensure that it is leak proof.

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E-Ball bring Golf Simulator to your Home!

Man, if I had enough money, I’d get a big fat house with a big fat ceiling office where I can blog and play golf right in my office during break.

E-Ball brings you this cool Golf Simulator to the market.  Basically it’s the similar to the commercial ones you see at the arcade.

Will someone get me one please?

E Ball’s golf simulator offers the most realistic golf experience on the market today.

Players see a huge visual image of a r

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