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Watch “Live” Masters Golf Tournament this weekend on the web!

Hey, now you can watch Master live on your TV. Since I am always busy blogging even on weekends, this allows me to flip back and forth between blogging and the Masters. Even better is if you have dual monitor setup.

I used to record every Masters couple years back, actually I did record every Masters from around ’95 to ’03 or so…

Cheers everybody, you should be watching golf on TV today even if you are not a raving golf fan like i am.

Go watch the Masters “Liv

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Improve Your Golf Game With The Star Trek Putter

Wow, here’s a putter that DOES look like Star Trek… I need to go play golf…not that I’d use a putter like this ever since I am such old-school when it comes to putters…

Cool putter though.

The putter comes in two versions, the higher-end Limited Edition features a special “NCC-1701″ head with the serial number (only 1,701 will be produced) engraved on the putter face, a True Temper Double Bend steel shaft, Winn NCC-17

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DIY Magic Golf Trick – HOWTO Catch A Golf Ball After You Hit It


Here’s some golf trick I have been working on for last 18 years of my life that I want to show you:

(Even Tiger hasn’t tried this shot on TV yet…)

Here’s a HOWTO on catching your golf ball AFTER you hit it.

1. Open the clubface so it’s pointing behind you about -10 degrees.

2. Really feel like you are sitting down.

3. Get wristy and loose with your hands.

4. Make a nice swing and catch the ball.

The key here i

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YEY! 2 more new sites!

Well, I barely have enough time to skip over any of my sites but we are making some new ones!

The first one is called, “MaKePoNo.com”. No, you don’t make porno, you make pono, actually, it means, “cheap”, when you say, “MaKePoNo”. Yes, my punctuation might be wrong from too many joints but one thing is correct, you got a new site called, MaKePoNo.com.

On the other hand, I’ve fallen victim to the Golf disease and had to make a new site called, “ProGolferDigest.com.” In which we will talk about all the failures of Ma

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Golf Ball Cake

The news is that someone is selling their house using Digg, but the best part is that this guys made a Titleist golf ball cake! As an avid golfer and user of Titleist golf clubs and balls, I had to post this… Thanks Jack for the tip! More cool cake he

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Remote Controlled Golf Ball

Check out this cool remote controlled golf ball you can get to control the way the ball spins! I might need this for playing for some money on the course…

“The ball has a little spinning gyro in it, and when you activate it from the remote it spins off in random directions. The acceleration varies depending on the ground, and due to its small size it obviously works best on smoother surfaces such as green and tees. All you have

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POPaPutt for golfers

Next time you are betting some money on the golf course, make sure to install this POPaPUtt in the hole while your partner is looking over somewhere else.

Adding to the tradition of non-stop hilarity on the greens is the Pop Up! golf prank which appears to be a small spring loaded device that will cause a ball to come shooting back out of a hole after it’s fallen in. Of course you’ll need a clever distraction in order to slip the Pop Up! into the hole without anyone seeing but once it’s there you can be sure your prank will go down in the anna

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Tiger Woods on Nintendo Wii

Have you seen Tiger Woods promoting his new Tiger Woods game on Wii? It looks really really cool… Wii is perfect for games like this.


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Windproof, funky looking, Cool Umbrella!


Wow, this umbrella design is really funky looking but I might really need this for my next windy and rainy golf outing. As an avid golfer, I did break my golf umbrella in the wind and rain last time I was out on the course…

via via freshcreation

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Zedomax Christmas DIYs

In case you haven’t checked out what we’ve been digging up lately, you can click on the pictures below and check them out!

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