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Golf DIY – How to Add Lag to Your Golf Swing by Swinging with Weak Grip/Flat Plane!

Over the last 2 weeks, I have developed a new golf swing that can help golfers hit the ball straighter, also increase the lag on their golf swing so you can put maximum efficiency of your hand-lag to use.

I’ve found out that you can actually increase the lag in your golf swing if you swing with a flatter plane.  Now, in order to swing with a flatter plane, you will need a weaker right hand grip so you don’t turn the golf ball over.

Anyways, this new golf swing has been a life-saver for me as I initially developed it to hit balls straighter but now it goes

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Golf DIY – How to Hit the Ball Straighter with Nike SQ Dymo STR8-FIT Driver!

As you well know if you’ve read my profile on our About page, my real skills in life lie with golf clubs.

Recently, I had the pleasure of doing a comparison of the new Nike SQ Dymo STR8-FIT driver and the TaylorMade R9 driver.  Although I have been using a Titleist 983K driver for m

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Gyro Swing for Perfect On-Plane Swings?

Now, as an expert golfer with 20+ years of playing and professional golf, I can tell you most golf gadgets don’t work well and most of the time, your golf swing can be fixed without them.

But here’s a really innovative gyro swing that uses a gyroscope (basically) to keep your swing on-plane.

Of course, I have not tried this one so I won’t go further into it but it might work…

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I hit the ball great today!


Well, sometimes I do get very burned out from blogging 24/7, here’s my swing analysis of my own golf swing and a video of a 3 wood shot I hit perfect! today at the Harding Park GC driving range.

The greatest feeling in the world comes when you hit the ball great.  I think so… maybe I am a golf geek…haha

And did you know I started this blog so I can pay for my future golf tours? Lol… I bet you didn’t know that.

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