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Recommended Golf-simulator

Bravo Golf Simulators!

My Korean friends have been telling me that indoor golf simulators are really popular in Seoul right now.  I have seen such golf simulators when I was in Seoul couple years back but I guess it has gotten crazy as most businessmen will head to indoor golf simulator centers after work.

Let me tell you also why, Seoul is a pretty big city and there’s not much room for a golf course (sorta like New York).  To get to a decent golf course in the middle of Seoul, you’d have to drive about 2-3 hours to the country.   The rumor is that Korea has been on top of these go

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Top 10 Best Golf Gadgets!

E-Ball bring Golf Simulator to your Home!

To celebrate that Tiger won today, (congrats Tiger) here’s top 10 best golf gadgets:

10. At number 10, the Golf Simulator is a must for your fat wallet. When I have enough money, I am gettin’ one of these in my gigantic garage.

9. The golf ball mouse and mousepad are pretty good sign you are a golf

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E-Ball bring Golf Simulator to your Home!

Man, if I had enough money, I’d get a big fat house with a big fat ceiling office where I can blog and play golf right in my office during break.

E-Ball brings you this cool Golf Simulator to the market.  Basically it’s the similar to the commercial ones you see at the arcade.

Will someone get me one please?

E Ball’s golf simulator offers the most realistic golf experience on the market today.

Players see a huge vi

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