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Golf DIY – How to Make your own Driver Clubhead Cover!

Why spend $30-50 on golf clubhead covers when you can make them yourself for pennies?  Precisely that’s what this instructable teaches you, how to sew a sock and your favorite animal together so you can make custom driver clubhead covers that will be unique.

Brag to your buddies and they will be surprised that you made it yourself.

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Golf DIY – How to Add Lag to Your Golf Swing by Swinging with Weak Grip/Flat Plane!

Over the last 2 weeks, I have developed a new golf swing that can help golfers hit the ball straighter, also increase the lag on their golf swing so you can put maximum efficiency of your hand-lag to use.

I’ve found out that you can actually increase the lag in your golf swing if you swing with a flatter plane.  Now, in order to swing with a flatter plane, you will need a weaker right hand grip so you don’t turn the golf ball over.

Anyways, this new golf swing has been a life-saver for me as I initially developed it to hit balls straighter but now it goes

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Golf DIY – How to Hit the Pitch Shot using your Full Swing!


Over the weekend, I took some leisure to play one of my favorite pastimes, golf!  Well, I did a quick video showing you how to hit the pitch shot using your full swing, well mini-version of your full swing that is.

A pitch shot is nothing more than a short version of your full shot.  This is the simplest way to hit it although there’s many more ways you can hit it too.

I’ve outlined exactly how to do this over on my golf blog,

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Golf DIY – How to Make Kid’s Golf Clubs!

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of making couple kid’s clubs, all custom-fitted to fit one of my friend’s daughters.  You see, the golfing world still doesn’t make enough different sizes for golfers under 5 years of age.  Meaning the only way to get your kids to play golf early in life is to cut existing clubs or make them yourself.

Well, I’ve documented the process while I was making these super-short golf clubs detailing how to cut the golf shaft, put the ferrule on, install the clubhead, and also install the golf grip.

This is a great

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Golf DIY – How to Learn the Feel for Swinging with your Body, not Hands!

One of the best ways to learn how to swing a golf club is by actually swinging a big ball such as a basketball.  A lot of beginners and amateurs don’t know really how to swing with their body because a golf club doesn’t tell you how to do that but a basketball does.

Learning how to swing with your body can improve your golf game dramatically so for all those aspiring golfers who want to be scratch someday, read more in detail on my golf blog.

Simply hold a basketball

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