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Listening DIY – How to Listen to the User and Become a Better Communicator!

I still regret the fact that I didn’t switch to communication major while going to college, ended up with a computer engineering degree and years of boredom in all-male classes.  Well, ironically, I ended up in my favorite major, blogging, all the while making use of my engineering degree too.

Here’s some great tips on how to become a great communicator by listening more:

Active Listening consists of a set of communication techniques that were originally developed by psychotherapists as a way of getting their clients to feel safe and open up. This involved establi

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Bike DIY – How to Make a Bike Seat Cover that Looks like a Condom!

I do remember giving up on my bike while going to college, simply due to the fact that Police in Davis are not as bike-friendly.  (Davis, California is one of the only cities in California that forces you to get a BIKE PERMIT otherwise you can easily get a BIKE parking ticket.  What a bunch of jokes, that’s why I started skateboarding after receiving my first bike parking ticket for $40, no more biking there.  F

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San Jose State opens active campus on Second Life

I did get a golf scholarship to San Jose State about 10 years ago, (which I promptly refused for a better school) they are now opening their “virtual” online campus on Second Life.

Is this a joke?

Well I am glad I am not going to college ever never ever again… That’d be horrible to have to use a virtual world to go to class…

San Jose State University in the heart of Silicon Valley has built a campus at Second Life, the popular virtual world created by Linden Lab in San Francisco.

The virtu

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