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The Weekend Countdown Clock!

This Weekend Countdown Clock is an awesome way to countdown to your weekend every week if you have a regular 9 to 5 job.  Of course, better way is to save your money and start your own business, you won’t need this clock then.

We all look forward to the weekend, that is unless you have to deliver the weekend papers or work down the local boozer. We live for the weekends so a clock that tells you how long it is until going home

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Mind Hack – How to do More Stuff in Less Time!

Okay, here’s a fun mind hack for all of you working in a cubicle, home, or whereever.

It’s a mind exercise that can possibly help you do more stuff in less time.

Now let me begin by saying that I used to work from 6am to 12am in Korea when I used to work at Comfile. (That’s 6am until midnight, 18 hours of work)

I am very very familiar with working overtime at a cubicle, especially because I had the chance to work with fellow Korean people couple years ago, they work really freakin’ long hours.  (with no efficiency whatsoever though)

As a

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