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GM and Segway’s P.U.M.A!

Looks like against all the liability issues, GM and Segway has allowed the Gizmodo team to take a ride in their new P.U.M.A.

My first thoughts?  I would NEVER ride in that thang, it’s too small. (That’s my first honest reaction.)  I doubt that people over 200 pounds can even fit in that thing nevermind getting stuck.  But a great idea, sorta the next-level version of Segway.  To me it seems more like a miniature version of a golf cart or o

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DIY Chinese Solar-powered Car gets 90+ Miles on a 30-hour Charge!

We’ve all heard of what some Chinese people can do such as the DIY Helicopter and DIY Submarine.  Well, here’s comes another cool innovation, a Solar Powered car that does 90+ miles on a single 30 hour charge.

Of course, if there’s sun while you drive, that’s additional miles to add.

Now, let me ask GM, Toyota, and Honda, where are your “Chine

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GM’s “Urban” Gasoline and Electric Cars From 1973

Can you believe it? GM did make a prototype gas/electric car way back in 1973. For some reason, it never made it to production but the design does look kinda pathetic and small for an urban vehicle.

If GM had kept going with this idea for the last 35 years, they might already be in the fore-front of current electric/hybrid car revolution.

What do I think went wrong?

Gas was too cheap back then, no one was educated enough to know that gas will eventually run out and that cost per gas would be around $4/gallon in 2008.


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Useful technology, overpriced – OnStar for GM, Chevy vehicles

Here’s a useful technology that I personally have on my car because I couldn’t opt out unless I got the car with it. The news that OnStar could go black for millions of analog subscribers in ’08 tells only one story, that a useful technology that is overpriced might become useless and still overpriced. I am not bagging on GM for having provided one of the first useful technology to track cars, unlock cars, and all the bit-bang features that they have be

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Revisiting GM Highwire – car that runs on saltwater

As I played some golf today at Lincoln Park for the first time in like 5 months, I met this cool guy who tipped me about the GM Highwire that runs on saltwater. But that’s not all, you have no pedals. You tilt the handle to accelerate and squeeze to stop. The whole thing runs on hydrogen fuel and exhaust water instead of carbon monoxide.

This car is so advanced, you can drive it on the right passenger side or left passenger side simply moving the handle via its control buttons…

If you haven’t seen it see it here:

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