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Halloween DIY – How to Make a Motorized Rat Feast!

Halloween is around the corner and here’s another fun gross Halloween DIY that involves motorized rats and some human flesh.

This does look like the most gruesome Halloween DIY I’ve seen, then again, that means it’s probably the best one so far.

Inspired by Hedstorm, Rat Feast was a subtle but effective addition to our 2005 Dungeon scene. Sitting off in a corner, f

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Halloween DIY – How to Make Spooky Glowing Eyes!


Here’s another really “spooky” Halloween DIY that shows you how to make glowing eyes that will look scary at night.

Halloween Eyes is the first project using my LMDriver platform (which I’ve been working on, on and off, for about 4 years (real life can be very inconvenient)). The concept is simple; a pair of TERRIFYING disembodied eyes rendered on a 4 5×7 dot matrix displays which look about and blink every so often. Even though I was going for

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Star Wars USB Hubs!

R2D2 and Darth Vader may be in reach of your USB devices with this cool Star Wars USB Hubs.

Can’t complain now that the evil force is comin’ to get your USB devices.

these official R2D2 and Vader USB hubs. R2’s head moves, he lights up and emits genuine Star Wars sound effects every three minutes, while Vader just seems to have the sound effects and glowing eyes. *Shiver*… menacing. Of c

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