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Recommended Glimpse

Philips shows off their Ambient Lighting and Ambilight TV products!

For one, I know Philips was working on color-changing LEDs and lightbulbs that are easy to install while providing high power.

On top of that, they introduced Ambilight TVs where the background lights would match with what you see on TV.

Lastly but not least, I did hear of

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Advertising FAIL or the new Miserable Failure – Microsoft Ads are Booooring and Vista still Sucks…


Okay, we did get a glimpse of what the $30 Million deal with Jerry Seinfeld will do for Microsoft.

Here’s an obvious answer:

No matter how much you spend and no matter what kind of comedian you hire to whitewash the consumers, Vista is still the same and it simply sucks.

On top of that, th

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