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Best Electric Blender Review!

Well, blending has been part of many cooking experience, including your own home-made Jamba Juice and much more.

Here’s a review of the “best” electric blenders you can get on the market today:

The Oster BRLY07 Blender packs a tons of power at 600 watts plus a food processor attachment if you need to cook up some baby food while at

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DIY Manual Vacuum Pump for small projects, fabulous idea!


Here’s a DIY manual vacuum pumps that pumps the bezeers out of a glass jar, fabulous idea!

via make

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DIY – How to Make a Golf Hole/Cup using a Pringles Can!


I usually use an empty glass jar to practice my putting indoors but here’s a great DIY showing you how to make that golf cup using a pringles can.

This is an easy way to quickly convert a Pringles can into a portable golf hole in a matter of minutes. This is intended both for those who like to play minigolf but are on a limited budget and those that live a highly mobile web 2.0 lifestyle.


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