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USB Flash Drive with OLED Display!

More cool stuff coming…

The world’’s first USB flash Drive with OLED display gets introduced by ennova Direct Corp. It will come with a retractable USB connector and an integrated biometric fingerprint scanner on the OLED display itself, changing color upon the success or failure of each finger swipe. Apart from that, the OLED display also doubles up as an interactive interface that enables users to choose from specific files and initiate specific functions without having to go through the computer’s interface. This Gizmo is what I cal

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Circuit Hack – How to Make a DeskSquid Helping Hand for All your Soldering Projects!

As someone who enjoys soldering various different stuff, this is a great helping hand for doing your soldering projects.  I can remember countless times where I didn’t have enough hands and failed to solder perfectly but this gizmo will let you do that, and you can make it yourself!

If you are doing a lot of soldering, I highly recommend you make this FIRST!

I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to build and it was just a matter of execution. Now, this certainly isn’t the cheapest solution, a pair of the original helping han

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Samsung Instinct, the iPhone Killer from Sprint!

The Samsung Instinct dubbed “iPhone Killer” by the masses, might just have all the great features a user might need to grab a big share of the iPhone market.   With Rev. A EDVO, Sprint will definitely be able to offer fast speeds to gizmo geeks who will only buy a phone that has fast internet connection. (me)

We should be one of the first people to get our hands on this phone around June 20th so stay tuned!

You can watch the cool commercial here.

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Meccano Spykee Cell Robot with iPod/iPhone Dock and Speakers and control it with your iPhone!

Lol, this is a great gizmo. You can control the robot via Bluetooth, change music, or even move the robot. iPod-World is taking pre-orders of this item, I’d get one if it was available in the US. Even better, they might just send us a sample?

iPod World is taking pre-order for the Meccano Spyke Cell Robot, an amazing robot which has iPod/iPhone dock and stereo speakers. You control the robot and your iPod wirelessly by using your cell phone via Bluetooth technology to change tunes

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Giant USB Duplicator!

Wow, check out this gizmo that duplicated up to 20 USB Flash drives at one time! These days, with so many people carrying their 4GB flash drives on their neck, keychain, etc…etc…, these Giant USB Duplicators can be useful for companies trying to promote their businesses.

(For example, you could put a 4 Gigabytes of company presentations, videos, documents, etc…etc… so your clients can carry it in their pocket instead of giving them a CD, which are

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In-rack wireless modules for PLCs

Here’s a cool radio gizmo wireless module you can use for PLCs and other “industrial” applications.  You could probably use it with CUBLOC or CuTOUCH too… Check out Prosoft Technologies for more info.

Frequency hopping

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Upcoming LCD Technology – Touchscreen LCD with pressure sensors

This touchscreen slightly different from traditional touchscreens since it can sense over 1000 different pressure senses.

The Wacom Cintiq is very different from the rest of it’s brethren, featuring an LCD monitor with an integrated touchscreen sensor, making it a graphic tablet-LCD monitor hybrid. With 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity that can be differentiated at the input area, the Cintiq is highly recommended for those who dabble in drawings and

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Pocket TV phone, this is not your ordinary pocket pc – LG LB6100

That’s right, you seen it here, the new slim pocket TV PHONE! Cyon, division of LG, has this neat TV phone, it’s not Wifi, it’s not tcp ip, it’s tv in real-time, wow, this is the real deal, TV via satellite on your phone!

Even my HTC 8125 will never be as this tight!

when will this be in the states? darn…. 😐

well we first need some satellite enabled networks first…

this thing is slim as a ra

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