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BagWhiz, a Bag Blog about Luxury Handbags Launched!

Yey, we just launched another blog from our Zedomax Blog Network called BagWhiz, a blog about luxury handbags.


Well, bags are a great niche for blogging, you can read about my niche blogging strategies on my Adsense Optimization Blog over here.  I will be writing a book shortly called, “How to Make Money with Adsense and Blo

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Zedomax Server Hogging…

Yes, Zedomax.com has been up and down and running for last couple months on a quad-cpu server that’s simply not capable.

But today I did get to goto my girlfriend’s parents house and hook them up with an portable AC conditioner.  I will not get into details but that’s been taking most of my time and I had no access to my computer. (blogger excuse…ahem…)

Anyways, I will be back tomorrow morning to continue where I left off, tracks to covering all the neat gadgets with a twis

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LED Heart-Shaped Pillow Will Melt your Girlfriend’s Heart!

Okay, here’s a pretty, pink heart-shaped pillow that will capture your love’s heart with addition of glowing LED lights.

If you care to make one for yourself, you can take a look at how to make an LED glowing heart at zedomax.

via coolest-gadgets

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Binary Rings for Geeky Girlfriends!

This Binary ring might do the job for pleasing your super-geeky girlfriend who talks in terms of 0s and 1s rather than numbers or words.

Okay, the joke apart, you can actually “code” your favorite numbers into the binary ring for remembering special dates, etc…etc…

Now, for guys, we do have these two watches:

Tokyoflash Binary watch

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Use “D Angle Guitar Hanger (Holder)” to Keep Your Guitar Safe From Fallin’

Here’s a nifty little gadget called “D Angle Guitar Hanger” to keep your guitar safely in place.  Mind you, if your girlfriend gets mad at you and bashed the guitar over your head, this isn’t going to help that.

Innovative design can be hung from almost any horizontal surface. Coated surface protects your instrument’s finish.

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Dog MP3 is cute!

The Dog MP3 does not look like a dog.  Instead, it looks like a fluffy cloud with eyes and green tentacles.

Neverthless, it looks cute and this MP3 might just do good for your girlfriend’s birthday.

via coolest-gadgetsubergizmo

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DIY Steampunk Phonograph


Here’s a cool steampunk phonograph running on of course steam.

This short video demonstrates a working steam-powered photograph on display at a Danish exhibition, though the proud steampunk maker is British. Pato, whose girlfriend shot the video, says, ” He stood there playing records all afternoon, tinkering with his machine while spinning tunes.

via boingboing

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Future Computer – “The Cup”

Check out “The Cup”, a future computer that you can “pour” information into and “spill” presentations, holographic images, etc…etc…

Great concept but it will be around year 2015 before we get to see one.

They envision a cup that literally pours information in waves of holographic images for your daily consumption. Have a big creative meeting? Then spill your thoughts onto the conference table. Found a lot of r

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Valentines DIY – HOWTO make a flashing heart!


Yey, it’s valentines day! Well, if you ever want to get some extra love from your loved one, you can build a flashing heart like I did last year for my girlfriend.

and yes, try to stay away from the V-day virus today.

Instructions here.

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Our next goal, a blog about nothing!

Okay, we sold Wagg.It for $2000 on SitePoint today, which is good since our $800 server fees were due today and I just had enough money to pay my rent. We will be okay for next month. We are just hopin’ that SiteHoppin’ takes off a little bit more but so far, so good for our efforts.

Our next goal is to turn Zedomax.com into a blog about nothing like John Chow’s blog. Why? Well, he’s makin’ like 25 grand a month! Well, we make like $800 a month. We got a long way to go but with y

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