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Secret iPhone 3G S Specs!

The new iPhone 3G S will probably be torn apart and posted all over the internet with its true specs but looks like T-mobile has released some of the specs which Apple has not:

The relevant numbers are 256MB RAM for the OS, double that of the 128MB in the original iPhone, and a 600MHz processor, up from the pedestrian 412MHz of the first two models. The added RAM alone probably makes a huge difference — if you have ever added memory to a Mac you’ll know how much OS X loves it some extra gigs to

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Coolest Gadget of the Day – Spy Camera Pen!

I have always been amazed at the price drops of laptops every year and that’s why I never spend more than $700 on a new laptop because I can get a decent one every year instead of being stuck with a $2000 laptop for 2-3 years.

Anyways, this post isn’t about how to buy a laptop but that spy camera prices have dropped drastically.  This cool spy camera pen sells for ONLY $26.45 at Amazon.  That is unbelievable becaus

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DIY Computer in a Briefcase

Check out this computer in a briefcase.  It seems like a great idea for building your own rugged laptop for rugged work.

The next step will be to install my device programmer so it just shows a socket and indicator, and some black paint on the monitor brackets. The monitor is safely behind a piece of Lexan but it’s hard to see. The reason for this project is that I dual boot, which is easier from 2 seperate drives, and I need a third drive to use for storage of gigs and gigs of schematics. The drive in the middle was to be my windows dri

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CX1 Supercomputer for $25K!

Microsoft and Cray launch the CX1 supercomputer for about $25K each.  The CX1 supercomputer can hold upto 16 Intel Xeon CPUs, 4 Terabytes of storage, and 64 gigs of memory.

The supercomputer will run Windows HPC Server 2008, the only downfall of it.

I would rather see free Linux system running on the servers, that would probably bring down the cost of software and price down to around $15K at least.

At this point I don’t really see the usefulness of this Windows supercomputer but I do

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Memcached, MediaWiki, and MySQL for optimizing Database

Today, I saw that Hackszine’s Jason Striegel has postsed a blog post about Memcached and MySQL.

Well, basically Memcached is an open-source software for your web server that allows you to cache almost any MySQL query.

In other words, it caches your MySQL queries.  But to do this, you do need to check the Memcached cache before doing the actual MySQL query.

So what’s the point?

Well, certain Wiki soft

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