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Waterproof USB Flash Drive 8GB!

For those of you who like to swim or simply like being in water, you might be happy to learn that there’s a waterproof USB flash drive with 8 gigabytes of memory and according to one review:

It is fast, cheap, and has lots of storage. I accidentally sent it through the washing machine and it still works just as good. It can be a little bulky to get into crowded USB areas, but other than that no complaints.

can even withstand a washer!


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USB Flash Drive Carabiner!

Whether you are an avid climber or not, these USB flash driver carabiners can give you that outdoorsy look you always needed without looking geeky.  At 4 gigabytes and $32 USD price tag, it’s a pretty good priced USB storage drive too.

USB carabiner flash drive built-in flash memory lets you store your data on the go. You are easy to hook in your bag, it’s another fancy stuff for your daily life.

via geekalerts

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16 layer Optical Drives from Pioneer – 400GB DVD!

Remember the post on Japanese researchers working on a 42GB DVD?

Well, that’s already old news.  Check out these 16 layer optical drives from pioneer at 400GB.

It’s not really called DVDs but pretty much they are 400GB DVDs.

Pioneer announced they succeeded to develop the World’s First 16-Layer Optical Disc. This new audio-visual aid offers a storage capacity of 400 gigabytes: it correspond to 25GB per layer. The manufacturer

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Daily Laptop Pimp Digest

Well, since we started a new blog over at Laptop Pimp blog, we will do a daily digest of what’s going on in the laptop world.

Today’s daily laptop digest:

Eec PC help ASUS become the 6th largest PC vendor.   Intel Eco PCs are another great sign of the on-coming mini-laptop revolution.

My next laptop will be something like the

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Giant USB Duplicator!

Wow, check out this gizmo that duplicated up to 20 USB Flash drives at one time! These days, with so many people carrying their 4GB flash drives on their neck, keychain, etc…etc…, these Giant USB Duplicators can be useful for companies trying to promote their businesses.

(For example, you could put a 4 Gigabytes of company presentations, videos, documents, etc…etc… so your clients can carry it in their pocket instead of giving them a CD, which are just way too out

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