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DealMax – Get 4GB or 8GB Sandisk Extreme III cards for under $10 Each!

Here’s a great deal for a 4GB or 8GB flash memory SD card for your camera of PDA:

Sandisk 4-Gigabyte Extreme III SDHC card – On Sale for $25 Buy 3, get a $60 Mail in Rebate – $75-$60=$15 for 3 Add coupon LOYALTY10 to take $10 off Pay just $5!

That’s $1.66 per card!

Sandisk 8-Gigabyte Extreme III SDHC card – On Sale for $35

Buy 3, get a $70 Mail in Rebate

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World’s First x3 32Gb Flash Memory NAND by Hynix Semiconductor!

I almost worked for Hynix, a semiconductor company in Korea, but their job descriptions were all boring and you had to work in the rural part of Korea. Mind you, I love big cities, I hate suburban areas, just my personality type.  I stuck out in the busiest part of Seoul and lived a block away from like 100 bars, 20 nightclubs, and etc…etc…   Yes, it was a lot of fun, I got hideously drunk and did get to poke around some stuff…  Okay, maybe this is too much personal information, just go take a bong rip and you can forget what I just

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DIY WordPress HACK – How to import Ultimate Tag Warrior Tags if you keep getting errors!

Well, since I’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.5, I’ve had to let go of Ultimate Tag Warrior. Actually, I thought Ultimate Tag Warrior was working until today, when I found out every URL such as http://zedomax.com/tag/lasers, was giving me a 404 error.

Well, being an old school I am, I did even try to downgrade back to my favorite WordPress 2.2.3, which results in catastrophic failure with the wp-categories… Damn it!

So I did look throug

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Hydra: Cheap, Wet MP3 Player

Here’s cool water-proof MP3 Player!

The Hydra supports WAVs, ACTs, WMAs and MP3s, sports a decent-looking LCD and transfers songs via USB drag ‘n drop (not certain about iTunes support). And at $39.99 for the 1gb model and $69.99 for 2gb, the Hydra is a cheaper option than most waterproof cases out there. Now we just need an explanation for why our rented tux smells like chlorine.

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