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PacMan Stools!

PacMan Stools are here!  Well, now you can drag and eat each other with these awesome new PacMan stools.

These Pac-Man stools are simple yet the concept of molding the ghosts who forever make Pac-Man’s world miserable is a great idea for the people who want some spunk in their homes, not to mention the kids who are bound to love sitting on them.

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Halloween DIY – HOWTO make a Haunted Mirror!

Here’s a really fun Halloween DIY that shows you how to make a haunted mirror that will magically let “ghosts” appear.

The mirror is really a box with a two-way mirror on the front. Inside the box are models or other renderings of ghosts. Since the inside of the box is black, the two-way mirror reflects the room normally, but when tiny lights hidden inside the box are illuminated, they wash out the reflection and reveal the hidden ghosts.


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