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Laptop News Roundup!

Here’s Laptop news Roundup for today:

Dell will be releasing their Studio 15 soon, the HD-equipped laptop will come with nice subwoofers which I am having a hard time believing there will be much bass if any.

Gateway has their new laptop line, the TC7306u and TC7307u series.  I am not a fan of Gateway laptops but who knows, they might make a come-back soon.

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Fireworks Hack – How to Make Cellphone Triggered Fireworks!

Check out this really cool Fireworks DIY that shows you how to make cellphone-triggered fireworks using a disposable cellphone.  Sorta ghetto the way it looks right now but the theory is there and I am sure you could easily package it to make it look better.

With this tutorial you will be able to create cellphone triggered fireworks. Initially this was designed for a hobby rocket launch, but I found it was just as practical with fireworks . You call the cell phone, and it will auto ig

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DIY – How to Make a Ghetto Flame Thrower!


Here’s a video of how to make a ghetto flame thrower using your jacked-up lighter and some spray cans.

Now, don’t go out there and burn off your dog, that is very BAD BAD BAD.

via metacafe

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