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CBS Is Pretty *#&$in Excited About YouTube

Yes, I think YouTube and Google will eventually provide TV services much greater than local TV cable such as Comcast or satellites. Time will tell how successful YouTube is but one thing we know, they have been bought by the biggest internet giant Google and there’s no saying in how the future will be like. We hope that they are able to bring us more high resolution videos than 320 by 240 pixels, which is really crappy to say the least. There is only one future for YouTube and Google marriage, a high-resolution video similar to TV.

Yes, i

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Automatic Quarterback

Check out this automatic quarterback from Hammacher Schlemmer! A powerful football passer that throws a perfect spiral every time, our automatic quarterback sends a soft polyurethane foam football up to 30 yards, and adjusts between lateral passes and long, high bombs. Children can set the timer for running d

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How to get rid of Computer Viruses

Here’s an update on howtogetridofthings.com from last week.

They have re-worked their site, now it’s called howtogetridofstuff.com.

The news is that their new site looks very cool and here’s a link to how to get rid of computer viruses

including free virus software, not just downloadable for free.

via howtoget

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