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Samsonite Travel Luggage Ad [Genius or Stupid?]

Here’s the latest ad for Samsonite’s Cosmolite, showing how light the travel luggage is while being able to be used as a hockey stick.

Genius or stupid marketing?

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Human Body DIY – How to Listen to Your Heartbeat with a Straw!

Here’s a really fun way to listen to your heartbeat by attaching a straw to your neck, why didn’t I think of this? – Pure Genius!

The next time you can’t figure it out, just stick a straw on the neck!

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Fantasy DIY – How to Rob a Diamond Vault!

Well, I am not saying you should rob anything including diamond vaults and banks but here’s an interesting write-up of how Leonardo Notarbartolo, who was convicted of robbing the Antwerp Diamond Center vault of $100 million worth of inventory, has explained how to rob a diamond vault.

Well, all security systems have flaws, this proves how vulnerable even the most secure vaults in the world are.

At first, Notarbartolo was confused. He seemed to be stand

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iPhone Firmware 2.1 Update is Out!

iPhone Firmware 2.1 Update is Out!

Yey, iPhone Firmware 2.1 is out, supposedly faster and better of course.

Update includes:

    Decrease in call set-up failures and dropped calls Significantly better battery life for most users Dramatically reduced time to backup to iTunes Improved email reliability, notably fetching email from POP and Exchange accounts Faster installation of 3rd party applications Fixed bugs causing hangs and crashes for users with lots of third party applications
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Beer Can Handle!

Here’s a cool beer can handle.  How could you not think of this before?  It’s genius!

This is the scene. You have a nice cold beer in your hand enjoying a hot summer breeze when someone bumps in to you and your frosty brew fall out of your hand an spills on the ground. What a waste. If only you were able to hold on to the can better. Now you can. Beerhandle snap securely on to any 12oz

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Kaizo Mario – Homebrew Level for Super Mario World


Here’s a cool homebrewed level for Super Mario World.  Of course, you can play the Kaizo Mario on your computer or make your own levels like in this video.

Kaizo Mario is a homebrew level for Super Mario World that’s equal parts evil and genius. My tolerance for frustration isn’t nearly high enough to be able to handle this, but for those of you looking for a gaming challenge, there’s a link to the ROM below.

You can make your own custom levels for Super Mario World with a graphical level editor called

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DIY – How to make a Colored Light!

Okay, this one doesn’t take a genius but it’s a really good idea. Maybe someone can take this color light concept further.

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Video – Harddrive Yoyo

[gv data=”4e8ZNMEOWXM”][/gv]

Yes, if you can make this, you are a genius and probably graduated from MIT. Props to Rick. 🙂


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