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Fish Tank DIY – How to Make a CRT Aquarium!

Here’s a genius idea for your fish, an aquarium made out of on old CRT monitor!  Instead of throwing those heavy bastards away, now you can recycle them into nice, stylish homes for your lovable fish.

Talk about a great screen saver! I’ve been wanting to do this build for a while now. Just about every time I see and old CRT computer monitor by the side of the road on trash day I think to myself …that would sure make a cool looking fish tank. So here is my first attempt at turning and old computer monitor into a fish tank.

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A Programmer Makes a Surfboard out of Cardboard Box!

Wow, this is a genius idea, a surfboard made out of cardboard triangular pieces encased by a transparent fiberglass.

The board is supposedly super strong and a pro surfer has bought one off the programmer already.

When it came time to replace his old surfboard, Mike Sheldrake decided to build his own. But the former Web programmer didn’t have the sculpting skills to carve one out of foam the way professional builders do. So he used 3-D modeling software to design a snap-together deck that’s as sturdy as a conventional model and performs

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The ESPN Remote!

ESPN remote is here! Well, at best, it’s really bringing the TV Guide to your remote, which is a genius idea in itself. Looks like they are going to get like million orders before they even start selling it.

Looking for an alternative to the Harmony? It now exists. As I was leaving the floor at the C

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