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MicroChip Pendants for Your Geeky Girlfriend/Wife!

Here’s a cool Christmas gift for your geeky girlfriend, microchip pendants!  They are having a special Christmas sale this month so get them while they last!

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USB Flash Drive Carabiner!

Whether you are an avid climber or not, these USB flash driver carabiners can give you that outdoorsy look you always needed without looking geeky.  At 4 gigabytes and $32 USD price tag, it’s a pretty good priced USB storage drive too.

USB carabiner flash drive built-in flash memory lets you store your data on the go. You are easy to hook in your bag, it’s another fancy stuff for your daily life.

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Tetris and Pong Neck Ties!

Here’s two really geeky neck ties that will please your co-workers and boss.

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Zedomax Halloween Costume/Pumpkin/Home Decoration Ideas!

Well, it’s going to be that time of the year, Halloween, one of my favorite American Holidays and here’s a re-cap of various different Halloween Costume and Pumpkin Ideas:

Halloween Costume Ideas:

Spacesuit Halloween Costume might be a great way to scare your neighbors and score extra candy.

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Mooncake USB Flash Drive!

Mooncake USB Flash Drive!

For all I know, there’s way too many “food” USB Flash Drives and here’s another Mooncake USB Flash Drive, which I suppose are targetting Chinese people.

Mooncakes are Chinese pastry traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival. These little geeky USB thumb drives look so real, don’t chew it, don’t ever put them in your mouth. Keep them away from your kids or they’ll swallow!

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Beer Belt Lets You Loose Like a Kite at the Casinos in Vegas!

What you should really do the next time you fly to Las Vegas is to pack one of these Beer Belts so you can play at the BlackJack tables without worrying about almost-naked waitress ladies to ask you if you want another drink.  Better yet, order 6 beers at a time, that way you have more ammo to go longer.

In any case, the Beer Belt certainly has more uses than your typic

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