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Best Air Mouse Review!

I’ve seen more needs for an air mouse these days, especially if you like to hook up your computer to your HDTV in your bedroom and surf the web from your bed.

For exactly that purpose of lazying computing, you will want to consider getting an air mouse, which will work great on any surface or air.

Here’s a couple air mice on the market that might be worth getting:

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Jedi EcoSaber T-shirt!

Okay, wearing this shirt might not get you more girls but hey, you will look kinda cool with your eco-version of LightSaber. (so long as you stand next to eco-geeks, I don’t think most people will appreciate it)

via technabob, Product Page

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DIY Arduino CMUCam Robot!


Here’s a great one for you Arduino-geeks, a robot with Arduino controls and CMUCam for sight.

This is my first CMUcam + Arduino version, the code for which will be uploaded soon. As you can see below, it is a bit of a rush-job, caused by the blowing-up of my proper h-bridge, and its replacement with a single power-transistor (click for big version).


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ZAGG invisibleShield for your iPhone/iPhone 3G!


Check out this cool invisibleShield for your iPhone/iPhone 3G/iPod Touch, basically it makes your iPhone scratch-proof with a layer of plastic.  (yes, or polyurethane film for you chem-geeks)

ZAGG’s invisibleSHIELD™ is a thin polyurethane film originally created for the military to protect the leading edge of helicopter blades. What’s unique about this military-grade, patented film is how tough it is – it doesn’t scratch. What makes ZAGG’s exclusive invisibleSHIELD™ so strong, flexible and scratch-p

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Solar Powered Necktie is Poorly Designed for Geeks-Only

In todays’ world, a company should make things that are useful with a usable design.  In the case with this Solar Powered Necktie, we feel it’s been very poorly designed so no one would buy one.

Regardless, we do like the idea that you can charge your iPhone while walking down the street looking like an idiot.

Who knows, maybe no one will notice it though.

Now a group of researchers at Iowa State University have created a necktie using newly developed solar fabrics. The neat thing, is that the tiny solar panels are arrang

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August 14th 2006 – Zedomax Celebrates 2 Year Anniversary Yey!

For what seemed like eternity, it has officially been 2 years since I’ve started a WordPress blog.  Of course, my stats aren’t the greatest in the world but we are on a stable long-term rise.

As for Zedomax.com, here’s the stats in the last 2 years:

Total Page Loads(Views): 4,155,070 – Over 4 Million baby!

Total Unique Visitors: 2,776,614 – Not too shabby here.

Average Page Loads: 5,676

Average Unique Visitors: 3,793

It’s hard to believe that the website I’ve created at m

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Lego Sushi Makes Sushi-Geeks Drool!

Here’s a perfect set of lego sushi, all definitely authentic except you probably won’t be able to dip it in real soy sauce.

Let me guess what these are.  Obviously, the one on the left is a roll with egg.  The center is shrimp sushi.

The one on the right must be tuna sushi, my favorite. (I think it’s called Maguro)

Okay, the one on the right is Ikua Roe.  (Bunch of small orange eggs, real good)


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Grenade Watch for Army Geeks!

The grenade watch isn’t for everyone, it’s really for those people who need to feel godly-powerful without actually carrying a real bomb in their hands.  To tell you the truth, I’d probably laugh my ass off if I saw anyone wear this.

If you still want one, we won’t stop you, you can go here to order one at $125.

via technabob

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Samsung Instinct, the iPhone Killer from Sprint!

The Samsung Instinct dubbed “iPhone Killer” by the masses, might just have all the great features a user might need to grab a big share of the iPhone market.   With Rev. A EDVO, Sprint will definitely be able to offer fast speeds to gizmo geeks who will only buy a phone that has fast internet connection. (me)

We should be one of the first people to get our hands on this phone around June 20th so stay tuned!

You can watch the cool commercial here.

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Looks like this kid is gonna get more than just one Xbox.


You know, sometimes people don’t realize the power of the people on the internet.

Above video is where a kid gets an “X” box for Christmas with winter clothes inside it.

I guess Engadget posted this and Microsoft might be sending him a brand new real XBOX with probably more goodies than he can handle.

Great job guys.

We’ve been flooded with email from well-meaning geeks and even Microsoft; just about everyone wants to help us hook up Jonathan. We totally appreciate the sentiment, but we

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