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DIY HACK – This guy builds a GIANT Paper Boat!

Yes, this is great news for all of us DIYers and hackers. You can actually build a GIANT Paper Boat! Yes, we need more people who can think “BIG” like this…

Well, we will see how the sail ends…

The 37-year-old artist came up with the idea one breakfast time, while he was sitting at his kitchen table fiddling with

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DIY HACK – How to build a raft with Gatorade plastic bottles!

Check out these guys who made a raft with gatorade plastic bottles then WENT sailin’~ Great job guys, you guys are making the world a better place to live by promoting re-use of those plastic bottles that get trashed everywhere.  Now, maybe they can go another level and make a ocean fleet just with plastic bottles.

via funnypotato

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