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DIY MPG Improvements – How to get more MPGs per trip

The following video has some of the best gas hacks I’ve ever heard. They are so simple, and it says it’s okay to use the AC! These tips are so easy, and they can save you money. And, did you know the Model T got 15 mpg? That’s better than a lot of cars out there today! What have we been up to all these years?

Let us know your gas saving tip in the comments!

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Vegetable Projectile

Here’s a new version of Bre’s new projectile with bbq gas as fuel, click somewhere around the middle to see the turbocharged projectile. [gv data=”uDFkCeWPMCU”][/gv]

via make

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Got Seaweed?

The seaweed is crushed, then made into slurry by adding dilution water, and then fermented using microorganisms to produce methane. Japanese researchers plan to have this technology out by march 2007. Very cool.

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DIY – $2500 100MPG homemade car

Kinda reminds me of a golf cart, neverthless, very cool.

[via] businessweek

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