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Arduino Hack – How to Make your Own Knight Rider Scanner!

My old friend Garrett Mace over at MaceTech.com (also @macegr on Twitter) has been tinkering and released his own ShiftBrite RGB LED module.  It’s currently out of stock but he says he will have more of them soon.  (You can also check out Garrett’s previous DIYs he did on Zedomax.com here)

You can make an easy Knight Rider Scanner with these

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If you ever wanted to get serious with some LEDs, you can really play with this guy. He can mimic any songs, well, it’s not available yet… I bet Garrett from Comfile can hack one up real quick… He made that voice activated Christmas Tree, this doesn’t seem too different. It seems like the eyes and nose are random movements and the mouth simply syncs to the music depending on t

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Zedomax Maker Faire 2007 Coverage – Thanks for watching!


Here’s a hilarious “Thanks for watching Zedomax Maker Faire 2007 Coverage from Garrett. Jed’s ALAVs and Hubberbots were right next to our booth so he suggested we help him deflate his cool balloons while trying to pack everything and leave the faire.  Great job Garrett! 🙂

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Zedomax Maker Faire Setup

It looks like Maker Faire is really taking its shape.

We are also busy setting up at Maker Faire. Actually, Garrett is busy setting up at Maker Faire.

I am working on the graphics for our 42″ table. Hopefully the below graphic will work good.

Although our table is small, we plan to do some live blogging, here’s the graphics:

Phew, it’s been very busy for all of us this week with all kinds of crazy stuff going on.  I just broke my new digit

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Sustainable Skyscrapers

Erin joins our new Blog network site, Keetsa! Blog, which is a new blog about eco-friendly and green. Well, here’s a cool post she wrote about the sustainable skyscrapers, similar to previous post on the Rotating Towers to be built in Dubai. On the side note, can you believe it? I went from hacking gadgets and embedded devices to selling ma

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USB Prank – Mouse jiggler

Check out this mouse jiggler that jiggles your mouse annoying when plugged into any computer. You might have to call the IT department if you don’t know if the USB jiggler was inserted into your PC by your evil spirited co-worker. Talking about evil spirited co-workers, check out the USB Mouse Prank Garrett did on me the other day. (Well, Garrett is not evil, he’s a nice guy~)

Why? Either t

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Garrett’s USB Mouse Prank Device


I was at work trying to draw some stuff and Garrett came over with his USB Hid Portal device and plugged it into my USB hub (which was annoying at first) then suddenly my mouse started making circles on its own! So we decided to call this the USB Mouse Prank Device… There’s really no howto on this but you can check out Garrett’s past USB projects such as:

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Maker Faire 2007 Zedomax USB Portal Preview


Here’s a preview of our USB Portal Project we will be showcasing at Maker Faire 2007.

It’s basically a BASIC programmable USB device so you can connect embedded devices easily to your PC whether that be a video game, industrial application, or whatever that you can think of.

Check out our previous

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China Invasion = Chinavasion

Here’s an interesting site called Chinavasion.com where you can order gadgets from China on the cheap. Check out some of the cameras they got for $20.

Garrett found this site and he says, “You could probably buy a whole bunch of these fake MP4 players and sell them on ebay…make some money…”


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DIY HOWTO – Photography

Darrell submitted his site today for some link exchange with us today. I checked out his site and it’s kinda cool. Actually Garrett and I were talking over lunch at McDonald’s today that it would be really cool to make some “how to make a good digital photos” DIYs but here it is!

The one above is a photography howto that’s very simple. (What’s the difference between the photos? There are non

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