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Garmin’s Nuvifone will be manufactured by ASUS!

Remember the Garmin Nuvifone?  Well, it seems like ASUS will be making them, not Garmin.

Is this a good news?

I guess, ASUS seems to be tackling every part of gadget business now including cellphones.  Heck, Garmin’s never made cellphones before, just GPS…

Let’s see how the final products ends up.  (Probably shitty since it’s their first try, might be better to wait for Gamin’s Nuvifone 2, don’t become the guinea pig like the iPhone)

ASUS announced that it will manufacture Garmin’s

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Garmin Nuviphone Reviewed!


Yes, the new Garmin Nuviphone does look a lot like the iPhone but better in some ways especially the GPS part.

Will it live up to its name?

Probably, Garmin’s not known for making cellphones so we will have to see how durable and stable this phone really is over time.  Then again, Apple wasn’t known for making any cellphone either.

Some of the Nuvifone’s features include Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE connectivity, as well as tri-band 3.5G HSDPA data access. That said, if we do see this phone in the states, it w

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Garmin whops out an actual GPS Phone out of their ass (or arse for our UK readers)!

Garmin just released their new phone. They simply whopped out some phone features into their GPS. Looks like an iPhone almost, maybe I will get one if has a good browser like the iPhone.

Today in a surprise announcement in New York City, Garmin whipped out the nuvifone, a full-fledged GSM HSDPA smartphone built on its own operating system with GPS navigation at its core—but e-mail and web browsing close to its heart, and a camera built in too. No pricing or carrier announcement has been made yet, though its likeliest compatible network is AT&

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