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Dog DIY – How to Get Rid of Dog Fleas Using Natural Substances!

I have to admit to being bitten by fleas for like a 6-month period while I was watching my friend’s flea-ridden dog, flea bites are nasty and they can make babies pretty quickly and take over your whole home in just matter of weeks.

Anyways, I am glad THAT is over but I found an interesting article that shows you different ways you can get rid of dog fleas, all using natural substances.  My favorite is the garlic solution, I happened to smell really bad after eating a lot of Korean BBQ, that will definitely work even on fleas.  I am sure all these methods work on cats too.

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Food Hack – How to Make French Fries from Scratch!

I’ve actually done this a million times, make french fries from scratch using real potatoes.  It’s actually a great way to make french fries as your fries will end up tasting very fresh and homemade.

Of course, I have to point out that after you cut the french fries, make sure to store them in the freezer right away if you are not going to fry them as they will turn brown and not taste as good.

Easy fast french fries made from scratch! These are the best fries you will ever have. Season them to your taste – salt & pep

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Vampire Killing Kits on eBay!

Here’s some fun eBay auctions, vampire killing kits that come complete with a big cross, holy water, garlic, and the final stake.  Of course, the chances are probably greater that you never see a vampire in your lifetime but if you do, you will be ready as hell.

For most the thought of a vampire flying in though the open window is a fantasy but at the same time there are those people who believe that these are with use and they are hungry. So what can they do

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Thai Food Hack – How to Make Som Tum Papaya Salad!

Due to my indulgence in authentic Thai food (mostly caz my girlfriend is Thai), I love eating super-spicy authentic Som Tum, a salad consisting of Papaya as main ingredient.

Anyways, if you want to learn how to make this, I know how but there’s already an article on how to do it here.

Pound the chilies with garlic thoroughly in a mortar,

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Food DIY – How to Debone a Chicken and make great Bacon Chicken thingee…

Well, here’s a DIY on how to “easily” debone a chicken and make this bacon, chicken thingee filled with lots of calories to make you fatter.

The deboning part doesn’t look easy to me but the food looks tasty…. yummy…

Not for the faint of heart, weak of heart or concerned of heart really.


You’ll need: Bacon, about a half pound One 2-3pound chicken you expertly cut up! One onion sliced and separated into rings. I used a Vidalia onion but any onion will do A can of cream of mushroo

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