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Tin DIY – How to Re-Make Holiday Tins!



For those of you with holiday tins stacked up in your garage, here’s a great way to re-make and rejuvenate your holiday cans into usable, colorful tins.

Tins are always great for storage. You can decoupage them with colorful paper to match your craft room or even with pictures of whatever you plan to store inside. Or, if you really like to

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DIY – solar air convection heater for a garage


Check out this simple solar air convection heater you can make for your garage. Nice~

via instructables

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Automated Garage

Okay, this automated garage is being installed in New York somewhere. I think it’s great technology that’s really been around but getting better and better every year. The only thing I am wondering is I have not seen a single robotic garage in San Francisco, why?

With attendant-free, fully automatic parking of vehicles, car owners will enjoy the retrieval of their vehicle in less than 2.5 minutes with no risk of dents, scratches or dings to the car. AutoMotion also eliminates the chance of damage to their car interior or theft of per

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Solar Powered Christmas Lights

Here’s some solar Christmas lights for those of you starting to decorate your houses and apartments and garages…   You can all help save earth some energy and use cool energy efficient Christmas lights!  After Christmas, you can use the solar cell for your next cool projects and the LE

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Video – Robotic Parking Garage

[gv data=”MvJ0WEvR8dk”][/gv]

Robotic parking garage has been around for couple years now, here’s a good video about it.

Short CNN news spot about a robotic parking garage in New Jersey constructed by Robotic Parking. The reporter goes inside so that we get to see how a robotic parking garage works and even get to see some cars moving around inside the garage.

via vidly

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8 years ago, Google started from this garage

Cool, this is the original garage google started from!

The garage which has been taken to this photograph, the founder of Google most the garage which first is borrowed probably will put out 8 years ago, is. As for place California state in Menlo Park. It is the case that everything starts from here.

This garage was used for the first 5 months. Address of this garage has not been announced. So, various enterprises most first have started from the garage. For example in

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