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Ethernet Hack – How to Make a Remote Garage Monitor!

Are you one of those people who forget to close your garage door before leaving on a vacation to another country?

Well, do not worry as there’s a cool hack that shows you how to make a remote garage monitor so you can check it anywhere including your iPhone or Palm Pre.

Also, you can probably add a simple relay and open/close the garage door remotely.

Problem: My garage is detached from my house, difficult to see if the doors are open from the house. Or maybe I am in a hurry to rid

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Ultrasonic Parking Alert Sensor!

You know how many people cannot drive or park their car these days and if your car doesn’t have one of those parking sensors or cameras to help you, you can get this awesome Ultrasonic Parking Alert Sensor from Amazon for only $15.99.

Whether you drive straight in or back into your garage, it can be tough to judge if you’ve stopped in the right spot. The Parking Alert guides you with flashing lights as you pull into your garage so you can be sure you stop at the desired place! No mo

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