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Wedding DIY – How to Make a DIY Napkin Wrap!

One of my best friends will be getting married, this caught my attention, DIY napkin wrap that says, “Drink and be married.”  Cool!

…I’ve been working so hard at writing, at making the site a beautiful, completely clean and easy place to be, that I haven’t had a chance to get my hands a little dirty lately doing things that I love. So, this filled the gap if even for just a couple of hours!

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DIY Wireless Solar Powered Google Calendar!

It seems that non other than a Google employee devised a new wiress solar-powered Google Calendar device that will save power and utilizes a “no power” LCD, meaning the LCD will only need power to update itself.

I think this type of device could truly cut down on the core duties at a corporation such as posting meetings.  By utilizing Google Calendar API, this little gadget can replace your paper alternatives.

Great stuff, keep

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iPhone Hack – How to Make an iPhone/iPod Dock with Binder Clips!


Here’s a cool DIY on how to make an iPhone dock with binder clips!

Here it is boiled down into just 61 words: Clamp a medium sized clip to the iPod end of your cable, connector side out. Remove the wire handles and tuck the cable along the fat edge. Take a bigger clip and clamp that onto the smaller one, so that the cable runs between the gap. Remove the handles. Add iPod. Try not to knock it over and break the connector.


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DIY – How to Hack an RC Hovercraft!

Here’s a really cool DIY on how to hack your own RC hovercraft.

It looks pretty simple enough other than the RC parts.


“The workings of a hovercraft are fairly straightforward: one high-power motor with an airplane propeller forces air down through the hole in the center, which pushes the bottom of the hovercraft off the ground. This greatly reduces friction, allowing the hovercraft to scoot around without mu

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Google Media Server bridges the gap between Google and your TV!

Google has just announced their new Google Media Server, which supposedly bridges the gap between Google and your TV or any UPnP devices such as PS3.

It looks like a great way to organize your media files in your PC, especially if you are displaying them to your TV or simply want to access them from your PS3, XBOX, whatever.

Google Media Server is a Windows application that aims t

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Folding Solar Charger for 12V DC devices!

Here’s a nice array of solar cells that can power any 12V DC device (That’s anything with a car adaptor too).

A stylish charger that´s small enough to slip in a cargo trouser pocket or glove compartment, but opens up into a powerful portable solar panel with near universal connectivity. Suitable for charging handheld devices and rechargeable batteries, small 12V accessories, and 12V vehicle batteries. Ideal for expeditions, gap year travel, outdoor photographers and emergency kits.


Design – Child Alert Watch

Here’s an interesting concept watch that alerts how far your kids are from you. It seems like a great design and could easily be made with existing technology.

The “Link” Child Locator is a device that takes a page from the movie Alien, in that it allows for the tracking of your spawn as they hide in the clothing racks at your local Gap store. The product has 2 components, a bracelet worn by the child that contains a transmitter module that works at a range of up to 100′, and a watch-style bracelet worn by the parent that receives the

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PIC Microcontroller Touch Keypad

Need a touch Keypad instead of the traditional 4×4 keypads? This might be the way to go.

The actual data from the touch sensors is quite erratic and requires some software processing. Basically you create a pulse for each of the ports and read the data with the instruction following the pulse signlal rise. Then read the ports the same way looking for a gap of 0.1 seconds with no data detected. This does the ‘debounce’. This results in fairly clean data capture from the sensors.

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DIY HACK – Wifi-bot


Wow, check out the wifi-robot from wifibot.com!

WiFiBoT comes to fill the gap between the simple toys and the sophisticated but expensive robots that can be found today in the market. In our platforms you will find the right compromise between cost and sophistication so you don’t overshoot your needs with any complicated gear


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