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GNGWC2007 at Seoul on December 1st!

Yey, the World online gamers’ festival, GNGWC2007(Game and Game World Championship 2007) will be held at COEX-Pacific hall on Dec. 1st in Seoul, Korea. You can watch streaming videos on the GNGWC site. I wonder what games they are going to play. (Probably StarCraft, well, I’d only watch it if it’s Starcraft…)

They are competing for $54 grand, which isn’t too bad of a prize for the winner. (But I hear these Pro-gamers get at lea

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The world first mmo e-Sports league finished its European match

Wow. take a look at these guys, they are getting a little serious here with all the games. We will keep an eye on how much the winner wins this year. (OR how much money they get from their sponsors…)

The world’s first MMO e-sports global league (Game and Game World Champion 2007) finished its European final rounds in the Game Convention held in Leipzig on August 23th. Couples, friends and all other mmo lovers got together and showed their best practice for the final eleven who will make it to the grand fi

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Game and Game World Championships 2007

Looks like you can win $5000 for first place at the Game and Game World Championships 2007. Just don’t end up lookin’ like this guy. I know there are other tournaments you can win a lot more money… Then again, these guys get paid like at least 6 figures from their sponsors such as Samsung and all those cellphone companies in Korea. I envy these guys who can play games for a living and they are not even 20 yet…


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