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Game – “Browser Pong” Uses your Browser as Part of the Game!

Looking to kill sometime?  Well, here’s a game that only involves using your browser to play the game itself, Browser Pong!

Best of all, this cool Browser Pong game supports 2 players so you and your friend can kill time LITERALLY!

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DIY Motion-Sensing Pool Table Video Game from 1990!

Here’s a video of DIY motion-sensing cue-ball video game from back in 1990!  That’s almost 20 years ago and way before Nintendo Wii ever became popular, nevermind we didn’t have 32-bit processors for video games then.

the middle section of the video reveals the trick behind it all, and it turns out to be surprisingly simple. No complex sensors or computer vision algorithms; the ball’s speed and direction are calculated by an 8-bit processor and a clever arrangement of four infrared emitter/detector pairs.

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NFL decides to Ban Twitter!

Seriously, I think the NFL executives (or whatever they call the decision makers there) have no brains at all.  NFL has officially “banned” use of Twitter by players or their representatives before, during, and after the game.  (I would tell the NFL players to start a Twitter revolution.  It’s time the players make decisions!  After all, NFL isn’t NFL without the players.)

Say it aint so, Ochocinco! One of the NFL’s biggest personalities and one of Twitter’s most engaging celebrities in

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NES DIY – How to Make Your Own DIY NES Arcade Machine!

Here’s a great way to add your own DIY NES arcade machine to your home, make one yourself!

Inside is an old PC and a 17″ LCD monitor. The back of the cabinet has two USB ports and two NES controller ports. You can connect regular, un-modded NES controllers and play with those or use the joystick and buttons on the control panel.

The front end is a simple VB program that auto loads when the PC boots. You never need to connect a mouse or keyboard to load your games. The VB program gives a l

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Basketball Projection Clock for Die-hard NBA Playoff Fans!

I have to admit, I love watching the NBA Playoffs.  (As I write this blog post, I am actually also watching the Nuggets vs. Lakers Game 4, Nuggets are up by 11 at the 3rd quarter)

Anyways, if you are nuts about basketball, you really need to get one of these alarm clocks that resembles a real basketball so you will be excited to get up in the morning.

Price: $14.99 on Amazon

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DIY Cellphone USB UltraSound!

Even if you don’t have back-door access to your nearest ultrasound lab, you can, in fact, take ultrasound snapshots of your baby every week (or even every minute!) with one of these awesome DIY cellphone USB ultrasound system.  Okay, I admit, it looks more like a vibrator here but lets now forget it is an ultrasound on your cellphone, this IS a great idea for cheapening future costs of taking ultrasound scans.

The power of a modern cell phone is changing how many things are done today. For example I recently heard that the once CPU taxing program

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PC DIY – How to Build a Killer Gaming PC!

If you’ve already learned how to build a PC in a rather fast-fashion of 10 minutes or under, you might be interested to know about how to build a killer gaming PC.

ExtremeTech.com has a great detailed tutorial on how to build your next killer gaming PC using the latest hardware.

Of course, the one secret about building a killer gaming PC is to use the latest and the best hardware, this tutorial will never stop.

Our goal isn

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Parenting DIY – How to Get Your 2 Year Old to Spell!

Here’s an interesting method for teaching kids how to spell their own name before they turn 3 years old.  I highly think it can be done, just got to work at it a little.

1. First and foremost, convince your strong-willed tot that the whole project was her idea. Master this, and you’ve got the parenting thing in the bag, don’t you?

2. This needs to be as routine as brushing teeth. It takes a bit of discipline. We would spell and hop my daughter’s name (more on that later) when she’d rise in the morning, at bedti

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Halo 3 Hack – How to Take Great Screenshots in Halo 3!

Are you a hardcore Halo 3 gamer?

Do you like to take random screenshots of the game and share with your friends on your latest killings?

Well if that’s the case, you might want to read up on this article that shows you how to take great screenshots in Halo 3.

Most people know the basics of taking screenshots, but have you ever wondered how some players manage to take great screenshots with amazing effects? This brief guide will cover basic technique

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How to beat Atari Star Wars

Okay, hold it. Sorry guys, I have to post this video too. Sorry for all the Atari stuff.

So, one of the games I had for my Atari was Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Easily one of the best movies ever, but a pretty lame game. I could never figure out how to beat it.

But, thanks to this awesome video, which looks like its from right after the game was released, now I know.

Check out these awesome graphics. Man, we’ve come a long way in our lifetimes:

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