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Pogo Stylus – iPhone/iPod Touch Stylus!

For those of you who have hard time navigating the iPhone/iPod Touch using your fingers and leaving nasty fingerprints that you have to clean constantly, there’s a Stylus solution called the Pogo Stylus.

With the Pogo Stylus, you will be able to use the iPhone/iPod Touch just like any other PDAs.  The only downfall is that once you start typing with the stylus, it will take you 2-3 times longer to type the same thing…  Kinda pointless gadget but can be useful if you have clumsy, big hands.


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What you missed Last Weekend [Roundup]

Unlike people who miserably suffer from 9 to 5 jobs (my former self), Zedomax.com keeps on feeding the author food and housing, meaning you have some interesting tech reads.

Here’s what you missed last weekend:

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Dad’s Cab Taxi Meter for Making your Kids Pay!


Check out Dad’s Cab Taxi Meter that will let you charge your kids for any free “rides” they take from you in the form of cleaning dishes, mowing the lawn, and other household tasks.

Although I think this gadget is pretty pointless, the fact that it’s so pointless makes it funny to use.  It’s so ridiculous, it’s cool!

Gifts for dads don’t come much better than this Gift of the Year Award winner, Dad’s Cab. Dad’s Cab is a novelty taxi meter that comes with an assortment of forfeit cards tha

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Mobile 30″ Cinema Glasses!

Mobile 30

Virtual Reality is now a reality with the Mobile 30″ Cinema Glasses which will project 30″ of widescreen display when you wear it.  This would be awesome for racing car games.

Mobile Personal Cinema glasses are a stylish Head Mounted Displays which project a virtual screen of 30″ right in front of your eyes. The glasses also have a built in Audio for surround sound experience.

via gadget-crazy

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Speed Vest shows you how fast Bike is going!

Check out this awesome Speed Vest, which let’s other drivers on the road how fast the biker is going.

The SPEED-VEST is a bicycle safety device and advocacy tool which displays the wearer’s current speed on their back in easy-to-read lighted numerals. It improves rider conspicuity while legitimizing bicycle speeds on the roadway. Originally conceived by Brady Clark and engineered by Mykle Hansen, it just won the Hub Bike Shop’s Bike Gadget Contest in Minneapolis, MN.

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Toaster Bags make Making Hot Sandwiches a Breeze!

At first I thought this was a sushi toaster as the toaster bag and sandwich together reminded me of my favorite ma-ke.  But it turns out it’s a toaster bag which will keep everything inside your sandwich together while heating it up nicely.  Sorta reminds me of Quizno subs and how they oven-bake everything before they serve it.

This is ironic find as I have just bought a brand new toaster couple days ago after probably 10+ years of not having one.

Whether you’re a student, teenager or busy professional on the go, why not invest

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DIY – How to Make a Coffee Roulette!


No, this isn’t your Russian roulette or Vegas roulette you are more familiar with.  It’s a “techno-geek” coffee roulette machine made from worn-out harddrives to find out who’s making coffee for the day.

This is a gadget made from recycled computer parts to give an absolute, unequivocal and irrefutable answer to that eternal office question – “Whose turn is it to make the coffee?” Each time the power is turned on, this wonderful device will rando

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Special Coating makes your Gadgets and Cellphones Waterproof!

WOw, here’s some new coating technology that’s going to be available soon to protect all your gadgets from water.

Of course, most of the time, your gadget will do fine even after water-submersion, but this coat pretty much makes

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Apple Peeler is for Rich Duchebags!

I can appreciate great cooking products that’d save me time and eat the best part of the fruit.  In this case, the Apple Peeler does a great job at peeling most of the Apple’s skin and more.

This gadget is great for rich duchebags who does not know how to use a knife.  Other than that, go knock yourself out with bunch of these as your kids may like to peel yo

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DIY Chumby HACK – How to hack a 640×480 VGA LCD onto a Chumby!

Here’s a really cool Chumby hack that will allow you to use a bigger 640×480 pixel LCD on your favorite little gadget.

Chumby is different; it is open source, and designed to be hacked. For example, the serial port is spelled out on the silkscreen for you and there’s a backdoor to enable sshd, so it’s not big deal to bring up the console. Because of its hackability, you are enabled to do significant modifications due to the availability of all levels of design do

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