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Mechanical Hit Counter

Here’s a cool ethernet-enabled mechanical hit counter. It seems kind of over-powered using a relay but this can be a great source of information for similar applications.

So, when you ping salem, you’re actually hitting my firewall, which redirects ICMP type 8 (Echo Request) so the board, whose internal address is BX decodes the ping request and asserts a TTL output high for 50ms. This turns on the transistor, which fi

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Real-time audio driven drum controller


Wow, check out this awesome electronic drum controller that sorta mimics the Nintendo Wii controller without the controller…tight…

BillaBoop is a real-time audio driven drum controller which allows the user to control up to 3 drum instruments. The user can control any drum synth with the voice (beat box), or any object or musical instrument

[via] bilaboop

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Stretch Ferrari Limousine Made!

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Check out these guys making a stretch Ferrari Limousine by cutting up a Ferrari 360 Modena. Yikes, I probably be happy with a non-stretched one…

The motorsport press thought it was a big deal when Ferrari made their F1 car longer than last season’s by a couple of inches. Well, some nutjobs in a chop-shop somewhere have taken things a step further by hacking a perfectly good Ferrari in two and adding a few seats, turning out a gran turismo even longer than

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Spam-bot protection – Bad Behavior Plugin for Bloggers and Wikis

Here’s a cool plugin that seeks out malicious spam-bots before they even get to put a comment on your blog…  Our load on over servers were getting hectic so we had to use some type of plugin that will hopefully eliminate some of the 1000 spam comments we get everyday.

Right now it supports:

    DotClear Drupal Geeklog MediaWiki WordPress

via andewkuo.net

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FlyBook VM V33i


Wow, check out this cool laptop that can be converted into a small desktop.

Like its predecessors, the Flybook VM has a display that is capable of being positioned upward like a desktop LCD monitor. On the inside, you’ll find a 1.66GHz low-voltage Intel Core Duo processor, 512MB of RAM, 30GB HDD, Bluetooth 2.0, Wi-Fi, and stereo speakers. Plus, it has an integrated VGA webcam for easy

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Open air rotating pizza-oven

Here’s a cool open-air rotating pizza-oven for all you pizza lovers. I think it’s only available Japan right now…

直径30cmのサイズまで焼けるピザ焼き専用 マシーン!ピザ生地をターンテーブルに置き スイッチオン。ターンテーブル下部のヒーター で一気にあたためます。さらに上

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DIY – Recycled your Clock into a Kinetic Art


Check out this really cool wall art you can make using your clock!

In this instructable we’ll convert an inexpensive clock into wall art with a subtly changing moire effect. I’m expecting the MoMA to call any second.


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High School Student Builds Nuclear Fusion Reactor

Wow, check this out. A high school student has built a nuclear fusion reactor. Maybe he can make the next Back-to-the-Future car…

High school student Thiago Olson has gone beyond basic physics class. Way beyond. Using parts and materials scrounged from the local hardware story and eBay, Olson built a working fusion reactor. In November 2006, a few tiny bubbles in h

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DIY – Ducati Chain install

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Here’s a cool DIY on how to replace the chain on a Ducati. Although I have a Suzuki GXR600, this might be helpful in the future…

Here’s a cool howto vid for ducati owners. This garage is putting out vids on how to do things like replace and lube your motorcycle chains. It’s cool for these mechanics to share their knowledge. – Link

Adjust valves –

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Zedomax World’s Fastest Digger on Google search!

Zedomax - World’s fastest digger

Type “fastest digger” and you will get Zedomax as the world’s fastest digger! Tight! Can we get on Guiness Book of Records for this? Hey thanks Jim for getting me on google.

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